Scenar Cosmodic servicesSCENAR COSMODIC SERVICES are very effective in the treatment of human illness and injury such as:

•    Back pain.
•    Sports injuries.
•    Surgical recovery.
•    Ulcers.
•    Drug free pain relief.
•    Respiratory disorders
•    Digestive health
•    Urinary & gynecological
•    Cardiovascular
•    Musculoskeletal
•    Surgical healing
•    + many more…

Scenar Cosmodic services for animals

SCENAR COSMODIC SERVICES are also effective for animals and can be used safely on location:
•    Horse injuries.
•    Rain Scald
•    Lameness
•    Stifle pain
•    + More…

With the EX 735 SCENAR COSMODIC device, we offer pain free healing treatment for injuries and ailments, for both humans and animals.


  • The sooner an injury is treated the faster and more marked the results will be.
  • Even severe ailments that are not responding to other treatment can be assisted with Scenar Cosmodic.
  • This device has been thoroughly tried and tested and has helped many people to gain their health back and live a pain free life again.

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