About Scenar Cosmodic

What is Scenar Cosmodic?

Scenar is an abbreviation for the name of the device:
or short pulse-electric neuro-adaptive reflexological therapeuric stimulator.

We use the SCENAR COSMODIC 735AG device which is far more technologically advanced than many other SCENAR devices.

The principal of operation of this device is executed by the action upon the skin of peculiar electric pulses modifying together with the change of the skin condition that provides application of feedback and, as a result, causes reactions aimed at restoring the lost functions. While regulating unbalanced body systems, SCENAR brings to normal condition everything that is restorable. Scenar produces no negative impact. The recovery is provided due to restoration and harmonization of the inherent body reserves but not by suppressing defense and adapting mechanisms of the body that mostly results in severer forms of diseases or lingering course of the basic disorder. SCENAR brings no changes into normally functioning organisms.

Scenar Cosmodic 735AG

The priority action for both SCENAR and Cosmodic devices is primarily to create normalizing function to an area or organ or system. (Of course to its best ability, within its normal physiological range) The technology is not condition dependent. It is not the device that treats the disorders in the body, it is your body itself.

Each cell has a memory and with the introduction of a neuro–like signal from the device carrying information for the normalizing of function to the area of the body, the body then is reminded how it should be for a healthy organ to work and recover.

In general, Scenar can be thought of as a highly effective, compact (pocket size), multifunctional therapeutic device. Scenar is universally recognized as an ideal electrotherapy and one of the best examples of reflexotherapy.

Scenar Cosmodic 735AG - detail

Scenar “reads” the skin which provides up-to-date informational data about inner structures and organs within the body. Scenar activates the body’s self-healing and energy reserves using electric impulses that are shaped like a nerve impulse so the body can recognize and respond to them.  The electrical input signal action upon the skin is modified according to changes of the skin properties, thereby providing true feedback. This action causes whole body reactions aimed at restoring lost functions. Whilst re balancing all body systems, Scenar normalizes everything that is restorable. Scenar produces no negative impact and the effect of the treatment increases and remains for a long time after the treatment has been finished.

Recovery occurs due to restoration and harmonization of the inherent body reserves, and not by suppressing defensive and adaptive mechanisms of the body. Suppressive treatment options favored by conventional medicine usually result in more severe forms of diseases or a lingering course of the basic disorder. Scenar brings about no changes in normally functioning individuals.

The effectiveness of Scenar therapy alone is 90% on average for all conditions; 60% of cases make a complete clinical recovery, and in 30% it produces positive improvements. With Scenar therapy recovery is achieved, on average, two to three times more quickly than normal. For example, if the treatment of a peptic ulcer with medications requires three weeks, Scenar therapy can eliminate this condition in 5-7 days, without any additional drug treatment.

In this technology, the acting impulse changes dynamically during action (dynamic tuning in accordance with skin impedance) — shape and duration of the acting impulse are close by their characteristics to the impulse which after being distorted by skin layers, fat tissue, muscle tissues, etc., becomes similar to the nerve impulse. But the amplitude of the acting impulse is increased — this way the acting impulse artificially amplifies pathological signal. SCENAR is a “pain amplifier” (here “pain” means pain sensations, diseases, and other pathological conditions). It adjusts the dynamics of changes of its own signal to the dynamics of changes of condition of the “pain” zone. The body responds to this with amplified restorative reaction, as it interprets the artificially amplified pathological signal as a real one. This makes the body work out more powerful reaction to cope with the “pain”. To do that, you need at least one biofeedback to correct dynamics of changes of the impulse in accordance with dynamics of changes of the “pain” zone.
 SCENAR technology allows restoring body functioning to the level it was functioning at before the disease occurred. SCENAR restores homeostasis which the body had before the disease.

ABOUT SCENAR COSMODIC — technology of restoration

With this technology the restorative function of the body is amplified directly, without amplifying the pathological signal. Here we need more complicated biofeedbacks which provide fine-tuning of the acting impulse in accordance with dynamics of the body reaction and not just in accordance with skin impedance. Diversity of the biofeedbacks allows involving both Central Nervous System and local regenerative abilities into restorative function. Now the packets of the acting impulses (not just single impulses) are regulated with biofeedbacks not only in accordance with dynamics of the signal (like in SCENAR) but also according to adjustment of the spectrum of the signal, to achieve maximum reaction of the CNS, and adjustment of interval dynamics of the packets of impulses, to involve local restorative mechanisms. Altogether, this process involves 46 biofeedbacks.

COSMODIC technology facilitates the ability of our body to restore itself at the cell level too. The body restores its functioning using both its general reserves (like in SCENAR) and own potential of its cells, which provides “rejuvenation” of the cells — restoration of their normal functioning. While facilitating the ability of our body to self-restore the healthy state at the cell level, theoretically COSMODIC cannot influence the biological age of a cell, but it can help the body to use the intrinsic, laid by Nature, abilities to heal itself.


How it works

Skin is known to be able to regulate various physiological functions of the body. Ancient doctors could manage pain and cramps, increase or decrease metabolism, accelerate or slow down the heart rhythm through irritation of various reflex areas on the skin.

The skin integuments can sense detailed information about all processes occurring in the internal organs. If you can process such information, you will have a clear picture of the state of the body. Skin can receive external information and react to irritation through mechanical action (e. g. acupuncture, massage), exposure to heat, electric current, magnetic field, biological field, laser or ultrasound. Skin can receive such information in the form of electric, optic, thermal, chemical, magnetic, mechanical and other signals, then process them and send them in encoded form to the regulating systems of the body.

Skin is interconnected with internal organs and systems of the body. Therefore, any malfunctions occurring in the organs or systems of the body also influence the skin condition. So the skin carries information about the condition of the sick organs or malfunctions of the body systems. We can influence the sick organs and malfunctions in the body from the outside through the skin, while acting upon the certain skin areas.

It is a known fact that the electrical conduction, capacity, temperature and sensitivity of the skin change when something is going wrong in the body.

Depending on the areas being irritated, body reactions upon the irritation are different. This happens because our nervous system can adjust the body functioning to the present environment the body lives in. The skin areas manifesting increased physiological activity are used for action during treatment of diseases with SCENAR-therapy.

SCENAR and COSMODIC devices act upon the body with short-pulse low-frequency signals when the electrodes contact skin. Parameters of the acting signal are set automatically according to the biological feed-backs. In other words, when the electrodes touch the skin, the device receives information about the body’s state. Depending on the condition of the body the device forms and sends neuro-like impulses to the body. These impulses carry information necessary for normal functioning of the body organ or system.

First of all, SCENAR and COSMODIC action is focused on normalization of the disordered functions of the body. The main objective here is providing harmony and stimulating the defensive forces and latent reserves of the body. In fact, it is not the device that treats your diseases, but your own body. It only helps the body to remember how the healthy organs should work and recover.


SCENAR & Cosmodic Therapy
Scenar therapy and later Cosmodic Therapy was developed in Russia by a team led by Alexander Karasev who possesses a joint degree in Medicine and electronics. The economic situation in the former USSR forced Doctors to look to non-pharmaceutical ways of treating. The Scenar/Cosmodic devices are used in hospitals and paramedic ambulances to great effect, often significantly reducing or even removing the requirement for surgery and/or drugs.

Scenar DeviceUsing skin electro-stimulation and a very sophisticated electronic feedback, the device continually monitors the patient and adjusts the next treatment signal accordingly. The Scenar signal is very close to a natural nerve impulse so the body can recognize and respond to it. It helps the brain to recognize where there is a problem and by stimulating the release of natural body chemicals it enables the body to heal itself more efficiently. Scenar results are fast, intense and long-lasting.

Pain relief is extremely effective with Scenar. By triggering the body to heal itself at the DNA level, Scenar treatment will not mask an underlying problem but forces the body to address it, reversing the pathology. It is common to find that seemingly unrelated problems (even stable vices) and sub-clinical conditions also improve.

SCENAR COSMODIC is currently licensed for pain relief



Scenar Cosmodic for animalsScenar Cosmodic has a great effect in finding the primary cause of lameness and poor performance. There is no faster or easier way to identifying and treating muscle injuries.

Personally I have had great results with all of my horses, also for rain scald, it took one treatment and 1 day later there was no sign of it.

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